Configuration menu

Main menu:











The Configuration menu allows you to tune main settings of TaskInfo: appearance of its main window, program behavior etc. Items in this menu allow you to open the following configuration dialogs:


General Configuration


General program settings

Graph Sensors Configuration


Graphbar settings

Graph Color Scheme Configuration


Graphbar color scheme selection

Tray Icon Configuration


SysTray icon settings

General Panes Configuration


Settings of panes in the main window

Panes Coloring Configuration


Allows you to configure coloring of panes items. Most of settings works for Processes Pane Items

Information Columns Configuration


Show/hide desired columns in the process pane and their order

Debug Symbols Settings


Allows to configure Places where to search for Debug Symbol Files. Used to show threads stacks.

Alerts Configuration


Alerts settings

Accessibility Configuration


Accessibility Options Configuration.

Font configuration


Show standard font selection dialog to choose the font (typeface and character size) that is used to show all information in all panes




Always on Top


Keep TaskInfo main Window always over windows of other applications

Enable Processes Sorting


If checked, you will be able to sort info in panes by clicking at column's header

Disable Pseudo Processes Sorting


If checked, 'Idle', 'DPC' and 'Interrupt' pseudo processes will be on top of processes list

Hide Unnamed Handles


If checked, information about unnamed Win32 Kernel Objects handles will be hidden




Processes Pane on Top


If checked than Processes Pane placed on upper part of Window else on Left. See also Information Panes Configuration

Processes Pane Splitted


If checked than Process Name Column on Processes Pane will be non scrollable horizontally. See also Information Panes Configuration


Other menu items:

Always on Top

Enable Processes Sorting

Disable Pseudo Processes Sorting

Hide Unnamed Handles

images\candle.gif Note: The last three options in this menu are available only after registration.

images\candle.gif See also: SysTray menu