Information Columns Settings

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This dialog allows you to show/hide and set order of columns in all information panes: processes, all open files, all connections, kernel drivers, process modules, process files, process handles, process connections.

The list box at the left contains list of column titles. To show/hide desired column, use checkboxes at the left of corresponding title. To change their order, select title of column (by clicking at its title) you want to move, and press Up/Down buttons. Use drop-down list at the right top of the dialog to select desired pane. Columns in corresponding pane will be shown in the same order as in the list (from its top to its bottom).

Press Default button to reset order and show/hide state of columns to their default state.

images\candle.gif Tip: you can also change order of columns in any pane by dragging their titles with mouse to left/right (click at columnís title, hold mouse button, move mouse cursor to title of other column where you want to place column being moved, and then release mouse button).

images\candle.gif Note: changing order of columns and Default button in this dialog are enabled only in registered copy of TaskInfo.

images\candle.gif Tip: you can select any configuration dialog by clicking icons at the left of dialog, or by using Configuration menu.