System info pane: Connections

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Pane at the right of the main window of TaskInfo contains seven tabs with information about the system. Show sample

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ĎConnectionsí tab contains information about all network connections opened in the system at the moment. Show sample

images\candle.gif Note: It there is no network connections, the tab contains ĎNo Active ConnectionsĎ.

Information about all opened connections is presented in eight columns:



name of process that opened current connection.


name of network protocol used in current connection (TCP/UDP).


current state of connection (listening, established, waiting for timeout etc.).

Loc Name

local host address (name).

Loc Port

local port number/name.

Rem Name

remote host address (name).

Rem Port

remote port number/name.

Process Path

full path to main executable file of process that opened current connection.


images\candle.gif Tip: you can sort list of connections in this pane by any columnís contents by clicking on columnís header. If you want to invert sort order, just click at the same columnís header another time.

images\mouse.gif Tip: you can use mouse wheel to scroll information in all panes of the main window of the program.