System info pane: OS

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Pane at the right of the main window of TaskInfo contains seven tabs with information about the system. Show sample

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OS tab contains information about the operating system itself and your computer. Show sample

Information about OS includes:



Name of operating system. For example Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 etc.


System version number. For example 4.0, 4.1, 5.0 etc.


Build number and service pack information.

Up time

Time elapsed from the latest system restart.

Computer Name

network name of computer.

Windows Directory

Location of main system directory on disk with main system applications, initialization and help files etc.

System Directory

Location of system directory with system DLLs, drivers etc.

User Name

Name of user currently logged-in.

Host Name

Network host name of computer.

Host Name/Addr #N

Host name and address on network card number N.

AC Power Status

Status of power supply.

Battery Status

Status of battery (typically present in laptop/portable computers).

Battery %

Percentage of full battery charge remaining.

Battery left

Estimated time of battery life left.


images\mouse.gif Tip: you can use mouse wheel to scroll information in all panes of the main window of the program.