System info pane: Services

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Pane at the right of the main window of TaskInfo contains tabs with information about the system. Show sample

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All open files








ĎServicesí tab contains information about all User mode Services and Kernel Drivers registered in the System database at the moment. Show sample

Information about all opened drivers is presented in eight columns:



Column Available in WinNT/2000/XP/Vista




Service Name in SCM Database

Display Name

Service Display Name in SCM Database


Process ID where Service started


Service Type in SCM Database (Kernel Driver, File System, User Mode Service and so on)


Service State (Stopped, Running, Ö)

Start Type

Service Start Type (Boot, System, Automatic, On Demand, Ö)

Error Control

Service Error Control


Load Order Group

Start Name

Services Account for Win32 Services or Kernel Object Directory for Kernel Drivers

Dependent On

Services that Service Dependent On to Start

Service Image Path

Service Image Path. EXE for services with own process. DLL for services that share process with other services.


Service Image Version in Service Image Version Info.

Image Description

Short text description of Service function in Service Image Version Info.


Company Name in Service Image Version Info.


Signer Company from Service Image Digital Signature. Also it shows verification status of image signature. If signature "verified" it means that nobody changed this file content

Build Time

Service Image Build Time

Service CMD

Process Command Line where Service Running

Process Path

Process Path where Service Running

Service Description

Service Description in SCM Database

Win32 Exit Code

Service Win32 Exit Code

Specific Exit Code

Service Specific Exit Code

Check Point

Service Check Point

Wait Hint

Service Wait Hint

Service Flags

Service Flags

Controls Accepted

Service Controls Accepted such as Stop, Suspend and other


images\candle.gif Tip: you can sort list of services in this pane by any columnís contents by clicking on columnís header. If you want to invert sort order, just click at the same columnís header another time.

images\mouse.gif Tip: you can use mouse wheel to scroll information in all panes of the main window of the program.