Panes General Configuration

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This dialog allows you to configure settings of process pane.


Enable processes sorting

If checked, enables sorting of information in process pane by any column. You can click on column headers in process pane to sort processes by process name, CPU usage and so on. Clicking on the same column header inverts sorting.

Disable pseudo processes sorting

If enabled, pseudo processes (like Idle, DPC and Interrupts) will not be sorted. They will stay always at the top of process pane.

Hide unnamed handles

If enabled, TaskInfo will hide all unnamed handles for current process in Handles pane.


images\candle.gif Note: the first three options are available in the registered program only.


Show "System" as Pseudo-process

Show "System" Process in WinNT as other , pseudo processes (like Idle, DPC and Interrupts). So it will not be portable if sorting is disabled for pseudo-processes.

Show process icon

Show/hide process icon at the left of process name.

Show Processes Tree

Sort processes according Parent/Child relations. Show it as Tree.

Keep Selected Process Visible

Position Processes List in a way to keep selected process and threads visible during other processes starts and exits

Show process decsription

Show full name of a process (from its version info resource) or only name of its main executable file.

Show Numeric IP Addresses

Show TCP/IP addresses in Numeric form in Connection Tabs.

Show Numeric IP Ports

Show TCP/IP Ports in Numeric form in Connection Tabs.

Show All Connections

If checked then show All TCP and UDP Connections else show only established TCP Connections

Tri-state Sorting

If checked than clicking on column headers on System and Current process panes will switch sorting as "Up", "Down" and "No Sorting"., It is usable when you need to know for example order of loading of DLLs and Drivers.

Automatic Columns Width

If checked than columns on System and Current process Panes will be automatically set in a way to see all information



Processes Pane at Top

If checked than Processes Pane placed on upper part of Window else on Left

Processes Pane Splitted

If checked than Process Name Column on Processes Pane will be non scrollable horizontally


images\candle.gif See also: View menu

images\candle.gif Tip: you can select any configuration dialog by clicking icons at the left of dialog, or by using Configuration menu.