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The Edit menu contains commands for copying information to clipboard (first two commands in File menu allow to save the same information to a text file):


Copy panes to clipboard


(you can also press Ctrl+C on keyboard to perform this command) copy information currently shown in all panes in the main window (all processes, system information etc.) to clipboard in text form, you can paste this information in any text editor for example; use Edit/Paste command in its main menu), save it to file (typically File/Save command), print etc.

Copy all info to clipboard


copy all information available to TaskInfo in detailed form, including all information about each process (see process info pane), all opened files, CPU info, OS info etc. to clipboard. Information in all panes and all their tabs will be included, independently on are they shown or not. Note that this command gives much more information than previous one, and usually it is not necessary (it may be useful only in some specail cases when you really need very detailed information about system and all processes).


images\candle.gif Tip: you can use these commands to include your system information in a letter when reporting your problems to TaskInfo author via E-Mail.