Information Panes Coloring


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This dialog allows you to configure coloring of panes items. Most of settings works for Processes Pane Items


New / Old Objects HighLight Duration

Time to mark by special color process as new after process starts. And time to keep some information and color process after it did exit.

Enable Horizontal Grid Lines

Enable horizontal grid lines on different List Views

Enable Vertical Grid Lines

Enable vertical grid lines on different List Views

CPU Graph Height in Pixels

Select desired height of process CPU usage graph. Default setting is Min, the height is selected corresponding to height of currently selected font in this case.



Show Small Alert Window

Select from two Alert Window Sizes.

New Object

Color of new Processes. See above "New / Old Objects HighLight Duration"

Deleted Object

Color of Ended Processes. See above "New / Old Objects HighLight Duration"

Process Owned by User

Color of Processes running under logged User account.

Process Owned by System

Color of Processes running under one of Local System accounts.

Module Signature Problem

Color of Process or Module that are Digitally Signed but have problems with signature verification

Process Contains Services

Some Services are running in this Process

Relocated Module

Module loaded at different address than was build for. It leads to slower process start

Graphs Background

Background of Graph Cell on list view. See for example CPU usage graph on Processes Pane.

Grid Lines Color

Color of Grid Lines on different List Views.


images\candle.gif Tip: you can select any configuration dialog by clicking icons at the left of dialog, or by using Configuration menu.