Show main window

Graphbar is located at the top of TaskInfo main window by default. It shows various types of system information (from the system info pane) in the graphic form. Graphbar is refreshed with the same frequency as all information in the main window. Show sample

Move mouse cursor over item on graphbar and hold it for a while. A tool tip will be shown with description of values shown in the item. Show sample

You can customize what information should be shown on the graphbar, select color scheme and change refresh interval in the Configuration menu. You can also drag the graphbar with mouse and place it where you want, even separate it from the programís main window and change its size.

Press right mouse button when mouse cursor is over graphbar, local menu with the following commands will be shown:


Clear all graphs history

reset all graphbar sensors to their initial state and clear their history (the same as on start of TaskInfo)

Clear current graphs history

reset only current sensor of graphbar and clear its history

Graph sensors configuration

open graphbar settings dialog

Graph color scheme configuration

select color scheme of graphbar sensors


images\candle.gif Note: you can disable graphbar by closing its window and in the View menu.

images\candle.gif Tip: you can minimize the main window while graphbar is separated, and you can move graphbar to second monitor if you want. Double-click at graphbar window title to dock it back to the main window.