Toolbar is located at the top of TaskInfo main window by default. It contains some icons that perform some most popular commands:


Note that you should select a process in the process pane to make some icons active. The icons on the toolbar from the left to right are:

Launch a new process. Calls standard system ‘Run’ dialog to start execution of any process.

Suspend/Resume Selected Process/

Close Selected Process. You will be asked about saving of all unsaved data in this process

Force termination of execution of current process. All unsaved data in this process (and possibly in others too) will be lost!

Shows standard ‘File properties’ dialog for current process (if there is an executable file that belongs to process).

Search Processes that Opened Files and DLLs

Pause/Resume Panes Refresh

Refresh Panes Now

Shows this help documentation.

images\candle.gif Note: the same commands are in the File and Help menus. See also local menu. You can disable toolbar by closing its window and in the View menu.